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Why We Are Recommending You These Gloves

When it comes to winter gloves, we believe that it is always worth to purchase high-quality. This is because cheap materials are not able to achieve what they are supposed to: Keep your hands warm.

Also, treated right, high-quality winter gloves will last for multiple seasons.

Because of that, all recommended winter gloves use Thinsulate lining. It costs a bit more but provides excellent insulation without being bulky.

The main differences between the gloves are:

– Nordic Dream and Magic Tack Winter don’t have closing cuffs around the wrist area. They close off the gloves and thereby increase insulation. Therefore, if it is really cold or you get cold hands easily, Iceland or Polaris are the better choices.

-Magic Tack Winter comes with a switchable patch system. It enables you to easily individualize your style.

– While Iceland, Nordic Dream and Magic Tack Winter are made from our flagship synthetic material, Polaris is not. Instead, Polaris is made of more elastic materials, reducing the price and making it more comfortable. The trade-off is that this model is a bit less grippy and durable.