Spring/ Summer Collection 24

high-quality riding gloves

Those who work with horses appreciate good, durable gloves with high-quality and excellent grip.
We offer gloves for every discipline in equestrian sports.

Finest Gloves, Made To Be Different

We, the Schmidt Sporthandschuhe GmbH, are manufacturers of high-quality riding gloves. Our connection to equestrian sports runs in the family, and under the brand “haukeschmidt” we have made it our mission to produce high-quality, durable gloves that are also fairly priced.

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Discover the benefits our unique products can bring to your equestrian sports range. As an innovative manufacturer, we place special emphasis on quality, customer satisfaction, and long-term partnerships. Our products are characterized by the highest standards and an impressive price-performance ratio.

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Our Promise

Each discipline in equestrian sports has different requirements for gloves. We have taken these requirements into account when designing the cuts, selecting materials, and developing the appearance of our gloves.

At our company, every equestrian enthusiast, whether a recreational rider or a professional, can find the perfect glove to meet their individual needs.

We created a short questionaire to make it easier for riders and carriage drivers to select the perfect gloves for their needs.

Our range includes over 30 different models, each specifically developed for different requirements, various weather conditions, and aesthetic preferences.


Let us help you find your perfect fit.

Your advantage

Our gloves are distinguished by their exceptional wearing comfort, excellent grip, and high durability.

Every riding and driving enthusiast, whether amateur or professional, will find the perfect glove for their individual needs.

The following advantages result from choosing the right glove

More Control & Comfort

Gloves are your direct contact with the reins. Therefore, choosing the right ones for your needs can improve your control immensely. Especially looking at leather gloves, there are many possibilities.

Increased Durability

The prime reason for gloves breaking down quickly is simply that the wrong gloves were recommended for the usage the rider had in mind.
Increased durability will likely end up saving you money but it also increases security and comfort, as the gloves won’t fall apart once they encounter a little strain.

Less Waste

For many, riding gloves have become a throw-away article. We are changing that. Choosing the right glove means producing less waste and when choosing a leather glove there is almost no plastic involved at all.

Created By Experts

Every haukeschmidt glove is designed by a team of professionals led by one of europe's last glove making masters, Mr. Franz Tasch. The gloves are handcrafted and only the finest materials are used.

His craftsmanship is evident in all our gloves, from the most expensive to the most affordable.