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Why We Are Recommending You These Gloves

You are an athlete and/or professional that likely rides several horses every day. Therefore, we think your gloves need to be extremely durable. Also, they need to be comfortable, as you’ll spend a lot of time in them.

Ladies Finest, Forever, and Rodrigo all perfectly match these criteria.

Galaxy is a lot finer and thinner. It’s only here because some professionals value feeling and control over everything else. Galaxy offers that while still being reasonably durable.

The main differences between the gloves:

-Ladies Finest and Rodrigo have Pittards Oiltac™ adhesive leather in the palm. This guarantees perfect grip in any weather condition.

-The palm leather of Forever is coated with a thin ceramic grid, making it extremely durable. However, if you are having some issues with slipping reins, gloves with Oiltac leather are the better choice.

– Ladies Finest is a full leather model. Because of that, the gloves are very long-lasting and will eventually fit your hand perfectly. Just keep in mind that they have to be worn in a bit as they adjust to your hands (similar to a leather shoe).

– Rodrigo has a textile material in the upper hand. This gives the gloves great ventilation and makes them a bit lighter. Also, they do not need to be worn in because the textile material is elastic.