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Why We Are Recommending You These Gloves

The child rides 3-4 times per week and is maybe already participating in some events.
There is no need for a high-end model but high-quality gloves that perform well in any area are advisable.

We think so because this amount of riding already puts considerable stress on the gloves. Beginner models are not equipped to handle those demands, resulting in short lifespans.

Both A touch of Class and Claristo were created for those conditions.
They are also both machine washable at 30°C.

The main differences between the gloves are:

– Claristo is lighter and more breathable. This makes the glove excellent for warmer weather and riders who do not like to wear gloves.
– A touch of class is our flagship synthetic model. It is a bit heavier than the Claristo, but makes up for it by being more durable and having better grip.

Overall, if no circumstances specifically call for the Claristo, the A touch of class is probably the better choice here. Durability and grip are arguably two of the most important characteristics of riding gloves.