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Why We Are Recommending You These Gloves

No more sweaty hands!

These gloves have all been designed to be light, comfortable, and well ventilated.

The main differences between the gloves are:

– While Galaxy and For the Moment are gloves mainly made out of leather, A touch of Summer and Claristo are made of synthetic.
Leather has the advantage of usually being more comfortable. Also, leather gloves are thinner while usually being more durable than synthetic gloves. Therefore, feeling and control of the reins are often better.
Synthetic has the benefit that it is machine washable at 30°C and that the initial purchasing price is lower.

– Galaxy is one of our finest gloves. The leather is so thin that any pressure on the gloves is perfectly transmitted onto your skin. These gloves should under no circumstances be used for stable work. They are only reinforced to withstand the stresses of riding.

– For the Moment are extremely durable half-finger gloves.